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16. April 2019 um 21:00 bis 23:59

Erstmals mit der großen Bandbesetzung von 8 Personen in Augsburg!!
mit dabei der Opern Sänger A. Liver aus Genf

NOM is an acronym for the Russian “Informal Youth Organization” (Neformalnoe Obyedinenie Molodezhi), used by the official Soviet medias in 80es. The band NOM appeared in St. Petersburg in 1987 as an absurd-ironical answer to the great amount of “rock” bands in post-Soviet Russia. The band used musical cliches of all kinds mixed queerly together with elements of mimic show of idiots, thus reaching strong emotional effect over the public.

Also named “The Kings of St.Petersburg”, NOM remains unique phenomenon of Russian music culture. For 32 years of existence the band created their own style, in which you can discover elements of progressive rock, punk, electronic minimalism, symphonic music , Russian folk, Soviet music and even opera. Lyrics plays very important role for NOM who follows traditions of such bright representatives of modern Russian poetry like Nikolay Gogol, Daniil Kharms, Nikolay Oleynikov and others. Critics called NOM “The last bastion of ruthless Russian satire”.

Their discography includes 15 studio and 4 concert albums, several compilations, remixes, and a special release “Russisches scweine” on British Manufracture label.

For live shows NOM prepares every time a new performance with original costumes, special guests, visuals.

Besides music NOM is also involved in producing comic and feature films, publishing books, the art gallery.


16. April 2019
21:00 bis 23:59


City Club Augsburg

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